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An Inspiring Vermont Bed and Breakfast with Stunning Mountain Views

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The Most Beautiful Winter Towns

Travel + Leisure Magazine announced the 20 Most Beautiful Winter Towns in the U.S…
Look who made the list: #4 is Woodstock, Vermont, followed by #14 Stowe, Vermont. Two hours south and northwest are; #7 Lenox, Massachusetts, and #11 Lake Placid, New York, which we just visited last month. #1, of course, is glamorous Aspen, Colorado. Unfortunately, Wells, Vermont did not make the list again this year…
Thanks, John Knox, for the snowy winter photograph.

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Birdseye Diner • Castleton, Vermont

The Birdseye Diner is a 1940’s Silk City Dining Car manufactured in Patterson, New Jersey. Just had to get in the New Jersey reference… Jersey is everywhere in Vermont – it’s hilarious! There are a few other interesting spots in Castleton… see our Poultney & Castleton, Vermont page below. We’re always doing something interesting at Pond Mountain Inn!



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There’s Something Special About This Beaver Pond and Lodge

During our recent trip to Waitsfield for yak meat we discovered this beaver lodge standing nearly seven feet tall! But, that’s not the entire story… the most interesting part of our discovery was the shallow beaver-engineered pond – just look at the lower left corner of the photo. This large family of beavers constructed an entire ecosystem to live and raise their pups! We’re always stumbling upon something fascinating!



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Holmes Creek Covered Bridge

The Holmes Creek Covered Bridge • Charlotte, Vermont

We only discovered this bridge accidentally during an autumn drive on Lake Road… Also called the Lakeshore Covered Bridge, it’s just off the shore of Lake Champlain and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1898, it’s the shortest known covered bridge in Vermont with a total length of 40’—the shortest covered bridge in America is the West Liberty Covered Bridge in Geneva, Ohio, it’s only 18 feet long.


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Autumn at Pond Mountain Inn

Fall may be the best time of the year at Pond Mountain Inn. Warm days, crisp nights, colorful foliage— all giftwrapped in a perfect package…. watching the leaves transition from bright reds into yellows and oranges – nature’s palette unfolds before your very eyes. “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby. Walking the pumpkin patches and rambling through apple orchards while inhaling that crisp clean Vermont mountain air is why we all wait for autumn.

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Who was Augustus Saint-Gaudens?







In 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt felt that United States coins are symbols of our Nation’s pride and America’s spirit. By 1905, America had become the most powerful nation in the world, and Roosevelt wanted our coinage to represent America’s pre-eminent position. Roosevelt shared his vision with Saint-Gaudens who eagerly joined his quest to design the finest coinage in the world. Saint-Gaudens was terminally ill with cancer, yet he began his last artistic quest to re-design America’s coinage, beginning with the obverse of the $10 Eagle and $20 both sides of the $20 double eagle.  Saint-Gaudens promised Roosevelt, that the coin would be made a “living thing.”

The Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle $20 gold coin is widely thought to be the most beautiful coin in the world. Featuring a full figure Lady Liberty striding forward with an olive branch and a torch in the other hand. On the reverse side is an eagle flying in front of the sun to complement the obverse side. The motto In God We Trust is along the edge of the sun at the bottom.

Please visit the Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park in Cornish, New Hampshire. The home, gardens, and studios of Augustus Saint-Gaudens are beautifully preserved. One of America’s foremost sculptors, this was his summer residence from 1885 to 1897, his permanent home from 1900 until his death in 1907, and the center of the Cornish Art Colony. And, less than 90-minutes from Pond Mountain Inn.

Much of the abbreviated content was taken from the Saint-Gaudens National Historical Site.



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Finding Local Farm-to-Table Food at the Dorset and Rutland Farmers’ Market is a True Vermont Experience!

Join us in May… Kay and I love all the local farmers’ markets, especially the two in Dorset and Rutland. The Farmers’ Market in Rutland is outstanding and we regularly visit with our guests, which have become a nice source of vegetables, meats, eggs, cheeses, flowers, fresh breads, cookies and pies—the hot prepared foods are outstanding! The Rutland Farmers’ Market is the largest locally, and the oldest in Vermont that include over 60 vendors. Open May thru October and just 45 minutes from Pond Mountain Inn!

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Our Chaplain Orchard Road Trip took us to Shacksbury Cider At Vergennes Vermont – Another Serendipitous Discovery

Our Chaplain Orchard Road Trip took us to Shacksbury Cider – Another Serendipitous Discovery! Located in Vergennes it is only a little over an hour from Pond Mountain Inn.
Tasting rooms are all around Vermont – and, Shacksbury Cider is as intimate as they come. With only a few tables, conversation spilled over with other visitors. We tasted five different hard ciders and lined up our favorites on the bar – I’ve never had hard cider before!
We learned more about Shacksbury Cider and more about our fascinating bartender – she was far more than just a bartender, but that’s another story! She lives on a farm ten minutes away, which took us to our next adventure…
Find exciting places to visit with our – Vergennes Shelburne and Burlington Day Trip


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Why You Want To Stop at Nan-Z’s Hot Dog Stand in Manchester, Vermont

Summer isn’t far away… Stop at Nan-Z’s Hot Dog Stand and experience the best hot dogs in town… She should be openinning soon! We can’t wait!!

See Our Dorset / Manchester • Day Trip Itinerary

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Agricola Farm in Panton Vermont Specializes In Raising and Preparing Gourmet Meats

The owners Alessandra (Ale) and Stefano (Steu) of Agricola Farm in Panton, Vermont were hosting an Italian culinary group from Boston when Kay and I arrived with friends. On our travels for Farm To Table ingredients, Kay and I were curious about this farm that specializes in raising and preparing gourmet meats. We found out they are also particularly known for pork and prepare a nine-course dinner about once a month to showcase their products and share their Italian traditions. They also raise Icelandic sheep and heritage chickens, for both eggs and meat and just started raising ducks and geese.

Together with our friends we purchased a five pound Muscovy duck and two lamb shoulder roasts! About an hour’s drive from Pond Mountain Inn!

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