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Greyhound Cocktail

Brief Background

Kay just discovered this cocktail—it’s a delightful warm-summer-day drink that may even rival the ubiquitous Gin & Tonic! The Greyhound origins date back to about 1930, but took off in popularity fifteen years later. It wasn’t until 1945 when Harper’s Magazine officially named the cocktail  “greyhound” given its popularity at Greyhound bus terminals…


Makes Two Cocktails

Two Florida Pink or Ruby Red Grapefruits. Natalie’s Gourmet Grapefruit Juice is an excellent substitute.

One Fresh Whole Lime

Vermont Barr Hill Gin—the raw honey infused gin makes the perfectly balanced cocktail.

Add Maple syrup or simple syrup if too tart.


Robustly squeeze grapefruit halves using a larger vintage glass citrus juicer and pour juice through strainer into Pyrex measuring cup.

Delicately squeeze each lime half using same juicer, then pour through strainer into the same measuring cup.

Generously fill two Old Fashioned glasses with ice.

Fill glasses with ⅓ Barr Hill Gin and ⅔ freshly squeezed grapefruit and lime juice.

Garnish with lime wheel, wedge or decorative grapefruit peel.

Now, comfortably slide back in your Adirondack chairs and enjoy this amazing 1930s vintage cocktail.

Please take a look at our incredibly interesting website. We’re always doing fun at Pond Mountain Inn!

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Finding Local Farm-to-Table Food at the Dorset and Rutland Farmers’ Market is a True Vermont Experience!

Join us in May… Kay and I love all the local farmers’ markets, especially the two in Dorset and Rutland. The Farmers’ Market in Rutland is outstanding and we regularly visit with our guests, which have become a nice source of vegetables, meats, eggs, cheeses, flowers, fresh breads, cookies and pies—the hot prepared foods are outstanding! The Rutland Farmers’ Market is the largest locally, and the oldest in Vermont that include over 60 vendors. Open May thru October and just 45 minutes from Pond Mountain Inn!


Today is Opening Day!

The 99-day lockout does not affect the 2022 season—the 162-game season begins only a week later and missed games will be made up later in the season—look for lots of doubleheaders! Today, The New York Yankees will host the Boston Red Sox at 1:05 PM. This is Opening Day at Yankee Stadium 99 Years ago, on April 18, 1923.

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Breakfast Al Fresco In The Vermont Outdoors At Pond Mountain Inn

In the summer months, our legendary gourmet farm-to-table breakfasts are served al fresco at the Main House terrace under the rough-sawn timber frame pergola surrounded by perennial gardens, early sheep pastures and lush undisturbed distant mountain views, “It’s just magical here, and one of the prettiest outside dining spots in Vermont!”

See what all the fuss is about! Pond Mountain Inn Bed and Breakfast

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Our Chaplain Orchard Road Trip took us to Shacksbury Cider At Vergennes Vermont – Another Serendipitous Discovery

Our Chaplain Orchard Road Trip took us to Shacksbury Cider – Another Serendipitous Discovery! Located in Vergennes it is only a little over an hour from Pond Mountain Inn.
Tasting rooms are all around Vermont – and, Shacksbury Cider is as intimate as they come. With only a few tables, conversation spilled over with other visitors. We tasted five different hard ciders and lined up our favorites on the bar – I’ve never had hard cider before!
We learned more about Shacksbury Cider and more about our fascinating bartender – she was far more than just a bartender, but that’s another story! She lives on a farm ten minutes away, which took us to our next adventure…
Find exciting places to visit with our – Vergennes Shelburne and Burlington Day Trip


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French Quarter Pain Perdu

Straight from the French Quarter, New Orleans, this French toast version, with just a hint of vanilla, is a New Orleans favorite. Pain Perdu, which roughly translates to “lost bread” or bread that has lost its freshness traditionally calls for a stale day-old French Baguette—we also use our own homemade sourdough bread or Vermont artisan bread. Glistening with butter and garnished with mixed berries—we’ll set aside some stale bread for you so that you too can savior our Pain Perdu on your next visit!

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Why You Want To Stop at Nan-Z’s Hot Dog Stand in Manchester, Vermont

Summer isn’t far away… Stop at Nan-Z’s Hot Dog Stand and experience the best hot dogs in town… She should be openinning soon! We can’t wait!!

See Our Dorset / Manchester • Day Trip Itinerary

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Agricola Farm in Panton Vermont Specializes In Raising and Preparing Gourmet Meats

The owners Alessandra (Ale) and Stefano (Steu) of Agricola Farm in Panton, Vermont were hosting an Italian culinary group from Boston when Kay and I arrived with friends. On our travels for Farm To Table ingredients, Kay and I were curious about this farm that specializes in raising and preparing gourmet meats. We found out they are also particularly known for pork and prepare a nine-course dinner about once a month to showcase their products and share their Italian traditions. They also raise Icelandic sheep and heritage chickens, for both eggs and meat and just started raising ducks and geese.

Together with our friends we purchased a five pound Muscovy duck and two lamb shoulder roasts! About an hour’s drive from Pond Mountain Inn!

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A Must Visit – The Norman Williams Public Library Woodstock Vermont

Woodstock, Vermont is one of our favorite destinations. The Norman Williams Public Library on the Woodstock green was established 1883 is on our list places to visit. It is a beautiful pink sandstone building with stunning architecture and rich history. They promote the love of reading, lifelong learning and serves as a gathering place for all ages. This is a must see especially after a $5M restoration!

Check out other fascinating places to visit in Woodstock! See our Woodstock / Quechee • Day Trip: Itinerary

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Gourmet Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

For those unfamiliar with this southern classic—Biscuits and Gravy is the ultimate breakfast comfort food, a weekend breakfast staple in the Midwest and South, and only prepared with 4-5 main ingredients. It’s nearly impossible to resist the thick and creamy sausage-filled gravy and soft buttery biscuits that pairs nicely with a side of eggs or skillet-fried breakfast potatoes, and amusingly garnished with seasonal alfalfa sprouts. Our gourmet version includes locally harvested mushrooms and spring onions.

The biscuit is the second most important component to this southern delicacy and must be served directly from the oven with all the characteristics found in homemade biscuits—slightly golden-brown crusty exterior with a delightfully soft, fluffy center. Everything on our menu is made from scratch, except one thing—our biscuits. That said, our homemade biscuits are delicious, still though, we serve Pillsbury’s Southern Homestyle Buttermilk Biscuits that are uncompromisingly delicious!

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