Pond Mountain Inn

A Vermont Bed and Breakfast Complete with Neighboring Mountain Views

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The Romance of the Vermont Road Trip

Driving Woodstock’s Ottauquechee River… take a spontaneous trip to the Green Mountains of Vermont. Exactly like nothing else…. When it comes to travel, prominent landmarks aren’t always the impetus for a trip. For some, the destination is determined by the property – thankfully we have both!

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Philadelphia II, a 1776 Gunboat Docked on Lake Champlain

An hour from Burlington is Vergennes, Vermont, the state’s oldest city and home to
the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. The Philadelphia II , a 1776 gunboat
replica (the original is in the Smithsonian) is docked on the Lake Champlain
waterfront was especially impressive after listening to a fascinating forty minute
lecture about life on board. We learned what made the area so pivotal to Benedict
Arnold’s fleet during the American Revolution. And, there’s so much more…
shipwrecks, maritime artifacts and interesting exhibits.

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Visit Shelburne Museum in Burlington, Vermont Filled with American History

Your trip to Shelburne Museum takes you past the Shelburne Museum, which should not be
missed! Words are inadequate to describe this place – filled with American history, art
and design that includes 39 unique structures on 45 acres.

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Hiking Haystack Mountain Near Wells, Vermont

A wonderful two hour hike that was rewarded by incredibly majestic
views of the Mettowee Valley and RT 30 south just minutes from Pond
Mountain Inn. Sometimes referred to as the Gibraltar of America with
some of the best panoramic views in Southern Vermont.

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Star Gazing at Pond Mountain Inn Without a Telescope

Intrigued by the clarity of the night sky and the absence of any artificial light we joined the Dorset Astronomy Club. Our first question, like many others, is “what can I see through a $200 telescope?” The short answer – a lot!

Star Gazing at Pond Mountain Inn Without a Telescope

Let’s begin by mentioning what can be seen without a telescope – quite a bit! The International Space Station (ISS) passed by twice last week while having dinner outside with friends. And, with an untrained eye, having ISS Detector app on my telephone is the best way to distinguish the space station from roaming satellites. After only a few sightings, the two are easily distinguishable – the space station has a much larger and brighter footprint. Satellites are quite common – we saw three in fifteen minutes the previous Sunday night!

The broad swath of milky light stretching across the night sky is, of course, the Milky Way Galaxy that never disappoints. The Big Dipper sits directly above our home in the summer, which is somehow very comforting. And, the annual Perseid Meteor Shower August 12 should be exciting this year!

We see shooting stars about 30% of the time – last summer we saw an incredible meteor streaking across the night’s sky that lasted just a split second – absolutely magnificent!

Planets are easily visible to the naked eye, especially the notable three – Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, but are virtually featureless. The meteor strikes on the moon are nicely apparent with a pair of department store binoculars.

And, there is so much more to see….

A $200 Telescope Certainly Improves Things – A Lot!

The Moon’s craters come alive with a telescope and it’s easily the most impressive object in the sky given its proximity to earth. There are now eight planets, with the absence of Pluto. Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are the “big three” in the sky revealing nice surface characteristics that we hope to share with you in the future!

Kay and I certainly look forward to learning so much more about the night sky and will share photographs of what we see and experience from Vermont… Stay tuned! And, it may be even better in the winter!

A Volcano of Fire Under The Milky Way • Photo Courtesy of Diego Rizzo


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This is how we do Spring Break in Vermont at Pond Mountain Inn

Winter hadn’t quite given up… two days after the vernal equinox we received a traditional spring snow – dumping over fourteen inches at Pond Mountain Inn.  While looking forward to warmer weather and removing the last vestiges of winter – this is how we do things in Vermont!

Pond Mountain Inn https://www.pondmountaininn.com/

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Our Day at Harris Hill Ski Jumping Competition in Brattleboro, Vermont


The much anticipated day arrived. Nine of us traveled from Pond Mountain Inn just over an hour though picturesque historic Vermont towns to witness competitors as young as twelve years old launching themselves more than 300 feet at speeds up to 60 mph! Top jumpers from around the world competed on New England’s only Olympic-size 90-meter hill.

The crowds, just large enough to still be intimate, the parking, just far enough to be invigorating, the day, sunny blue skies and cold, but not too cold made the day perfect for both competitors and spectators alike. Warmly dressed and well-prepared for anything a Vermont winter could throw at us, we cheered on each competitor with as much enthusiasm as any Olympic Winter Game audience – the distant ringing cow bells made it seem like we were in Austria for the day! The tournament was exciting and well organized with the only disappointment coming when the competition ended. But there was still more – before our journey home we stopped at Grafton Cheese, at the bottom of the hill, to further enrich ourselves by sampling award-winning artisanal cheeses that we all indulged in over the next several days!

Our expedition home took us back through Manchester Village where we stopped for 4:00PM cocktails only waiting an hour before dining early at Mystic Café. There’s nothing like celebrating such a wonderful day with great friends talking about how fortunate we are having this hometown Olympic experience here in Vermont. The conversation quickly turned to where our next Vermont excursion will take us. And, with all that we experienced we still returned home before 8:00PM, which, for me, made for the perfect day!