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Wildlife in Wells Vermont – Porcupines

The Porcupine is mostly active at night and nocturnal. It spends most of its time finding food, and resting in trees. They have a natural craving for salt and will gnaw on the dropped antlers of deer to obtain minerals. When they are born their quills are very soft for just an hour. It is believed that a porcupine can throw its quills when confronted, but that is not true, the quills release when coming in contact with another an animal.

We watched this little guy in the photo stroll from the bottom of the property up the mountain behind us… porcupines are very “house” destructive. Quick story.. we heard one gnawing under our house one night at 12:30AM!

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Wildlife In Wells Vermont – Owls

Our Neighbor Just Over The Mountain from Pond Mountain Inn captured this little guy! It is always a treat to see Owls in our area of Wells, Vermont and we have a variety consisting of  the Short-eared Owl, Eastern Screech-owl, Great Horned Owl, Barred Owl, Long-eared Owl and the Northern Saw-whet Owl.  Fact: Owls adaptation for survival in the winter is amazing! Some begin their nesting season here in February!
Thanks Jim for sharing this photo!

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Discover Nature and Wildlife At The Vermont Institute of Natural Sciences in Quechee Vermont


The Vermont Institute of Natural Sciences located at Quechee, Vermont is extraordinary!

The VINS (Vermont Institute of Natural Science ) is a nonprofit environmental education, avian rehabilitation and research organization supported by members.

We spent a half day at their incredible 47 acre campus which is open year round, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM. It offers “state-of-the-art raptor enclosures, exhibit spaces, classrooms, and interpretive nature trails”, and a beautiful Forest Canopy Walk.

See what else Quechee has to offer on our Woodstock / Quechee • Day Trip: Itinerary

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Appreciating the Essence of Lake Saint Catherine

Lake St Catherine

Lake Saint Catherine is only three miles from Pond Mountain Inn! Canoe or kayak on the lake or simply capture the magnificence of mid-day from shore. Many of our guests grabbed “coffee-to-go” and headed for the lake to capture the peace and serenity of early morning. Last year, one of our guests spotted a moose at dusk in one the marshy areas of the lake – unforgettable!  The Lake consists of 117 acres and with an 852-acre body of water located the towns of Wells and Poultney that hosts an incredible variety of wildlife – eagles are not an uncommon sight.