Pond Mountain Inn

An Inspiring Vermont Bed and Breakfast with Stunning Mountain Views

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Eggs Benedict at Pond Mountain Inn

You’re on vacation—and, why shouldn’t you have this classic breakfast delicacy only reserved for Sunday brunch, Easter or Mother’s Day? Our eggs, straight from the nest—known for their rich yellow yokes are delicately poached, and rest on our sustainably raised thinly sliced ham or Dakin Farm Irish Style Smoked Back Bacon, which then sit on a buttery Vermont English muffin. Once the breakfast stack is complete, we drizzle homemade creamy hollandaise sauce with just enough fresh lemon juice to give the sauce that ultimate subtle tangy flavor, and garnished with our garden chives. After served, and just before your first bite, sparingly sprinkle on our special truffle salt, which then finishes the masterpiece!

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