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Vintage Cook Stove vs New Cast Iron Stove for Home Heating

We replaced our vintage (1940s) wood burning cook stove for a new Jotul Cast Iron Stove that was crafted in Norway and built in Maine. A difficult decision since the former owners, spent a great deal of time searching for the perfect vintage stove for the kitchen. In the end though, we decided that a more efficient stove would make it easier to heat our home. Given the size difference, we could not imagine how this tiny stove (the smallest Jotul makes) could possibly make any real difference in heating our home – it appeared even smaller in the showroom!

Two weeks later this tiny stove has been continuously operating , and our furnace hasn’t run since! In all fairness, the outside temperature has not dipped below 25°, and the day before yesterday with the outside air temperature hovering around 40° the temperature in the kitchen was 75° with the living room a few degrees cooler at 68° – remarkable for a couple that wakes up to a 55° bedroom and a living room just four degrees higher!

Kay and I are absolutely thrilled with our new stove, which takes only five minutes to restart in the morning!  We spent a few weeks learning about stoves – we purchased our stove from Friends of the Sun, located in Manchester, Vermont – they are extraordinarily knowledgeable and thoroughly answered all our questions. Not only was the purchase a wonderful experience, but the installation was equally as satisfying! Another great Vermont story from our bed and breakfast at Pond Mountain Inn!!