Pond Mountain Inn

A Vermont Bed and Breakfast Complete with Dramatic Mountain Views

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Off-Menu Breakfasts

Authentic Chorizo and Eggs

Delicately Fried Farm-Fresh Egg

Hearty Vegetarian Hash Breakfast Skillet with Poached Egg

Our menu changes subtly with seasonal produce and availability of interesting local ingredients. We are committed to serving classic breakfast cuisine with the finest quality ingredients, along with a similar focus on impeccable guest service. In addition to one of the finest breakfast menus in New England, we also strive to create new and exciting breakfast dishes for our guests.  

Just to give you an idea of our “off menu” breakfast dishes, here are three favorites… Authentic Chorizo and Eggs with crispy diced potatoes topped with a perfectly poached egg and choice of hot sauce. And, for those wishing for a lighter breakfast, we serve a delicately fried farm-fresh egg over Dakin Farm bacon and organic pea shoots. Last, we serve a Hearty Vegetarian Hash Breakfast Skillet with Poached Egg, which is made with as many local vegetables and ingredients as we can find.


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French-Style Cheesy Scrambled Eggs

Our farm fresh eggs come from pasture-foraging chickens raised by our neighbor and from one other local farm where they spend their entire lives outside eating all the good things that nature provides. Our eggs are known for having rich yellow yokes, and firm clear whites. In autumn, our chickens are fed pumpkins, and the yokes become a seasonal deep orange. Our eggs are served only days after being gathered from their nests.

We take an unhurried approach to cooking our French-style scrambled eggs—delicately stirring our eggs on low heat produces extravagantly creamy rich eggs so satisfying that your palate can appreciate each mouthful, and fullness-of-flavor can be thoroughly savored. And, always served on plates warmed to ~100°.

Complementing companions to our breakfast entrée are vegetables, hash browns, smoked salmon, Dakin Farm bacon or bacon from pigs we sustainably raise with our neighbor and either homemade sourdough bread or croissants.

See Our Complete Breakfast Menu