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Tired of Eggs…. Have a Delicious Thai Breakfast at Pond Mountain Inn


Like most mornings, we rose with the aroma of freshly brewing coffee as our Vermont morning routine unfolded – now, comfortably seated outside in our Adirondack chairs with the sun still hidden by Northeast Mountain. We were shaded until about eight o’clock as we solidified our plans for the day. We have a fairly full schedule that includes painting, cleaning, and transporting a cord of wood into the garage in preparation for the winter months. And, the wood must be split for the wood burning oven – Kay often prepares her Sunday Sauce and homemade soup there in the winter!

We’re not really a breakfast couple, but we were both a little hungry this morning. Kay had made some incredible Thai food the other day that we didn’t have and thought, “why not.” Consider this for breakfast, Thai Vegetable Green Curry over rice – tofu, eggplant, red onion, ground chicken with a spring onion garnish. Well, it’s more than a garnish; it’s another unique flavor that completes the dish. We don’t even have this in Bangkok when visiting family! I cannot begin to tell you how delicious this was and a great way to begin a physically demanding day!

The photograph is the closest picture I could find that reasonably looks like the dish we had this morning. Photo by; D. Schmidt for About.com

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Morning Yogurt Parfait at Pond Mountain Inn

BreakfastMorning Fruit

Begin another beautiful day at Pond Mountain Inn with a delicious Morning Yogurt Parfait – yogurt, granola and fruit are layered in a parfait glass. We only use fresh Blueberries, Raspberries and Blackberries, organic granola and plain organic yogurt with a hint of dark maple syrup. This is delicious for breakfast, snack, even for a dessert! It looks great in a glass, but can also be made in a bowl. Use your favorite fruit, or whatever is in season.

If you’re still yearning for more fresh fruit, our signature fresh fruit chalice includes all the berries found in our parfait and, Jersey peaches, local cantaloupe, pineapple and a mint leaf from our garden just for color! This was today’s menu – tomorrow, we’re serving fresh buttermilk Blueberry pancakes with our own garden rhubarb & Strawberry compote, maple syrup with Brown Boar Farm bacon.


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Pillow Talk — How to get your best night’s sleep.

ID-100302372Our guests have always remarked about their wonderful sleeping experience at Pond Mountain Inn and with recommendations from our guests, we have now moved to a four pillow configuration on all our beds. Our recent pillow investment did not undergo the rigorous analysis found in a recent Wall Street Journal (4/28) article titled, For a Good Night’s Sleep, Think More About Your Pillow, however, we made thoughtful choices based on the sleeping needs for the sophisticated traveler. Below are the article’s highlights.



Stuffed with stuffexplains the benefits of how your pillow should align the hip, back and neck to keep the spine as straight as possible.

Position MattersChoosing the best pillow by understanding the benefits of knowing if you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper or a stomach sleeper 

Cool it downFind out why coolness of your pillow is so important for a good night’s sleep.

Make that changedetermine the optimal pillow for the best night’s sleep.

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Photo Courtesy of  Stuart Miles. at Free Digital Photos.net