Pond Mountain Inn

A Vermont Bed and Breakfast Complete with Dramatic Mountain Views

What’s a Cape Cod Lighter?

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Beneath the fireplace grate you’ll see a short rod with a ceramic ball attached to a rod. That’s the Cape Cod Lighter! However, there’s more… very popular in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries these lighters are ingenious requiring no kindling whatsoever to build a fire. The porous unglazed ceramic ball positioned at the end of the rod, which soaks in a pitcher of lamp oil or whale oil, if you can still find it, until you’re ready… light the torchlike rod and place the rod in the fireplace, under the wood, and within 2-3 minutes you see an unimaginable controlled conflagration. It’s magic!


Author: Pond Mountain Inn

Pond Mountain Inn is a boutique bed and breakfast located on a serene country lane nestled on the slopes of Pond Mountain. Breakfast is served in our sun-drenched dining room with breathtaking views of neighboring Northeast Mountain – elevation 2100 feet! ​You will be treated as our personal guests, as you experience the quiet comforts of our quintessential New England property. At Pond Mountain Inn, you'll discover the true meaning of "Welcome home!"

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