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Gourmet Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

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For those unfamiliar with this southern classic—Biscuits and Gravy is the ultimate breakfast comfort food, a weekend breakfast staple in the Midwest and South, and only prepared with 4-5 main ingredients. It’s nearly impossible to resist the thick and creamy sausage-filled gravy and soft buttery biscuits that pairs nicely with a side of eggs or skillet-fried breakfast potatoes, and amusingly garnished with seasonal alfalfa sprouts. Our gourmet version includes locally harvested mushrooms and spring onions.

The biscuit is the second most important component to this southern delicacy and must be served directly from the oven with all the characteristics found in homemade biscuits—slightly golden-brown crusty exterior with a delightfully soft, fluffy center. Everything on our menu is made from scratch, except one thing—our biscuits. That said, our homemade biscuits are delicious, still though, we serve Pillsbury’s Southern Homestyle Buttermilk Biscuits that are uncompromisingly delicious!

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Author: Pond Mountain Inn

Our picturesque mountain and pastural setting are nature’s greeting before you’re warmly greeted in the Main House Gathering Room where your days gently unfold at your leisure. As honored guests of Pond Mountain Inn our property quickly becomes your home. Enjoy the pleasantly languid start to each day, then let adventures still unwritten take you further… We plan fascinating one-of-a-kind experiences according to the pleasure of our guests, but it’s those days when serendipity intervenes that create the most poignant and joyful memories.

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