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Durian – The King of Stinky Fruits

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If you’re sensitive to foul smells you should avoid reading any further. Durian has the most pungent, putrid smell so repulsive it’s almost indescribable – the antithesis of describing a fine wine… a thorny tropical fruit with a sickeningly rich creamy texture. Skunky, with rotting onion overtones may be difficult to overcome. Hints of large-city sewage, early-stage decomposition with an overly ripe bacteria-rich cheese finish all rolled into this Asian delicacy. It’s delicious – and I love it! The smell is pleasingly sweet, the “stinker” the better!

Durian is forbidden on public transportation and banned in hotels. Twenty years ago we saw where a hotel had a posted sign prohibiting durian in any of the hotel rooms. We’re still looking for the photo! This stinky fruit isn’t cheap – $55.26/lb., but that’s peeled, segmented and ready to eat! It’s so rich that even a single segment wouldn’t be consumed at one time. Don’t worry, we won’t be serving durian any time soon at Pond Mountain Inn!

Andrew Zimmern, Bizarre Food Eater Extraordinaire and American Culinary Expert, eats all kinds of bizarre food except durian! Watch this YouTube video as Andrew attempts to eat the King of Fruits. It’s hilarious! Durian is found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Author: Pond Mountain Inn

Pond Mountain Inn is a boutique bed and breakfast located on a serene country lane nestled on the slopes of Pond Mountain. Breakfast is served in our sun-drenched dining room with breathtaking views of neighboring Northeast Mountain – elevation 2100 feet! ​You will be treated as our personal guests, as you experience the quiet comforts of our quintessential New England property. At Pond Mountain Inn, you'll discover the true meaning of "Welcome home!"

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