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Why Have Disgusting Feet When You Can Have “Vermont Feet”

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Feet are arguably the most revolting aspect of the human body – however, I’m specifically talking about Dry Feet. Sure, they propel us here and there and provide enormous and wide-ranging benefits, in fact, at the end the day I just like to put my feet up – but always accompanied with socks, slippers or shoes, never unadorned, and certainly with a glass of wine!

Everyone knows the skin on our feet is naturally dry – there are no oil glands, so all those tiny sweat glands try and keep our feet moisturized, but to no avail for most of us and a lot more of us in the winter months. There is nothing worse than discovering that you have itchy dry feet as you’re trying to fall asleep. The only solution is to leap from bed, highly annoyed and head for the bathroom for a foot consultation with any brand of your wife’s moisturize that can be quickly located in the dark. Inevitably, you have a 50/50 chance of returning to bed in a mental state suitable for sleep.

The foot’s visual repugnance is underscored by the pain and discomfort that dry feet bring. There is nothing more excruciating than the deep crack in the heel – however, the heel fissure is not the denouement in this story – relief is the final act! Combating itchiness, redness, cracks, rough, flaky peeling skin is easily addressed! There are no oils or magic potions, just a good common-sense approach that proves quite effective. Just follow these four simple steps, and the next steps you’ll take will be with your very own “Vermont Feet”!

Vermont Feet Product List

(1) Sanding Sponge, (2) Lemongrass Soap, (3) Bag Balm and, (4) Darn Tough Wool Socks.  All products listed  are made in Vermont with the exception of the sanding sponge.

Product Descriptions and Advice   

  1. Sanding Sponge: Visit your local hardware store and pick up a small fine grade sanding sponge. You’ll need this to remove all the unpleasantness on your feet. Pay special attention you your heels!
  2. Dorset Daughters Lemongrass Bar Soap with ground apricot seeds for supplemental exfoliation is a must. You will enjoy the delicate aroma, all the delightful ingredients and essential oils this product offers!
  3. Bag Balm is a “miraculous potion” originally developed by a Wells River, Vermont pharmacist for chafed and cracked cow udders. This excellent for chapped lips too! See their website for the legend.
  4. Darn Tough Vermont Wool Socks are guaranteed for life and are the most incredibly comfortable durable socks imaginable. The merino wool make the socks feel enchantingly inviting, but just wait until you spend the entire day with your new friend – the comfort is truly remarkable, cool in the summer and warm in the winter! And, merino wool is naturally antimicrobial.

Vermont Feet – The Process

Step One: Using your new sanding sponge, robustly buff the entire foot until you begin to see a dry-skin dust cloud forming just above the foot line. Do not buff aggressively, but do buff vigorously until the heel-skin is smooth to the touch. If you have deep heel fissures, adjust your buffing demeanor so that you’re not causing more pain than you’re trying to prevent. Frequency, once every 10-14 days.

Step Two: Now, soap up by bringing each foot to a full lather then thoroughly rinse. Please spend the requisite time thoroughly washing your feet by spending sufficient time between each toe. Should you discover something unusual in webs of your toes or on the soles of your feet it’s likely athlete’s foot – this is a contagious fungal infection that should be addressed at this time! Make sure to dry your feet completely before moving to the next step – make sure to dry between each toe. Frequency, twice daily, morning and night.

Step Three: Take each foot and apply Bag Balm to the more stubborn areas by firmly massaging each problem area with the dexterity of a career masseur or massage therapist. Your spouse can be particularly helpful here. However, it is quite practical to keep an air-sickness bag within reach. Frequency, twice daily, morning and night.

Step Four: Put on your new Darn Tough wool socks and take your new Vermont Feet out for a spin! Your feet will never have felt better!!

After 10-14 days or once your feet have reached the desired comfort level you can reduce treatment and still maintain the desired balance of moisture content by adjusting frequency and product usage. Good Luck!


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Photo Courtesy of mohammadaasim Pixabay.com



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