Pond Mountain Inn

A Vermont Bed and Breakfast Complete with Neighboring Mountain Views

Pond Mountain Inn’s Most Favorite Guest


Vermont Pictures_Fall 2014 166This is our second year in business and we’re off to a great start – we had a remarkable first year with bookings of 158 nights and we were further blessed with an incredible diversity of guests from as far away as Argentina, California, Texas and Mississippi. Our most favorite guest was a little chipmunk that lived in the large stone wall just behind the main house. Lori, the previous owner, mentioned that she fed him and got his attention by banging two nuts together and leaving the nuts behind for him to eat.

One day last summer my wife Kay spotted the chipmunk on the wall – I went running for the bag of nuts Lori left behind. Exactly as she did, I started banging those nuts together and immediately got his attention. I started walking along the wall still knocking the nuts together as our chipmunk watched intently until I reached the wall’s midpoint. When I stopped he began approaching me from about thirty feet away running in and out of each large stone then stopped five feet away and would not come closer. I left the two nuts behind and he quickly collected an easy meal. This daily routine went on for about three weeks until his bravery reached the point where he felt comfortable to collect his breakfast directly from my extended hand – I think we both celebrated that day! This continued for another three weeks, maybe longer, when I had to leave the inn for a few days. When I returned I didn’t see my friend and my calls that week went unanswered. Now that the snow is gone and the spring in Vermont is alive with activity I hope our little friend will find his way back home…

Author: Pond Mountain Inn

Pond Mountain Inn is a boutique bed and breakfast located on a serene country lane nestled on the slopes of Pond Mountain. Breakfast is served in our sun-drenched dining room with breathtaking views of neighboring Northeast Mountain – elevation 2100 feet! ​You will be treated as our personal guests, as you experience the quiet comforts of our quintessential New England property. At Pond Mountain Inn, you'll discover the true meaning of "Welcome home!"

2 thoughts on “Pond Mountain Inn’s Most Favorite Guest

  1. Very nice and clean house! Owners are very friendly and nice. They made our stay in Vermont very welcoming! Looking forward to coming back!

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